Children's Yoga Southampton

Children's Yoga Benefits

Let's empower our children to nurture and celebrate being themselves. Allow them to grow from within so they can take responsibility and make wise decisions from an intuitive heart felt space.

Positive health & wellbeing classes

At Earth toes yoga we believe the simple things in life are the most powerful and healing, let's take a breath and slow down. Our everyday lives seem to be moving at such a fast pace, with over stimulating environments, negative media, phones, computers and TV's, constantly bringing our awareness to the external. Children can experience high expectations and pressures from school life and the society that surrounds them. With minds like sponges they can become cluttered, which can start to create a negative effect on their wellbeing, physically and emotionally. Symptoms such as obesity, fatigue, asthma, depression, eczema, anxiety, lack of focus, concentration and self-esteem. It can be positive to accept and flow with the continuous changes in the modern world but to remain mindful and connected within this busy life can help bring in some much needed balance. Practices such as yoga and meditation do just this.

Nourish our bodies, our minds and our planet

Earth toes yoga classes will have a natural progression of awareness to the bigger picture, we can start to practice compassion and gratitude on a daily basis. By starting to feel connected to our bodies, from the inside out, we can learn to listen to messages about how we are feeling, ask ourselves questions and make informed positive decisions. Here are some examples below;

Let's go back to the basics and keep it simple;
Breathe (prana) to calm, soothe, let go, energise, focus and connect.
Stretch (asana) to open, express, ground, strengthen and feel.
Shine (simply be) most importantly to have fun, open our hearts, shine our light brightly and live life with our fullest potential.

And so the compassion and mindfulness expands like a ripple effect. By eating healthy natural food I understand I am also nourishing the planet and others. This will allow the gratitude and love for life to flow.

Relaxation and stillness

Earth toes yoga classes always begin and end by encouraging some stillness to our body and mind. We invite the eyes to close, focus on our breath and allow the magic to flow and connect. Here we can plant our seed of positive intention and allow it to grow strong, take it with us through our yoga practice and into the rest of our day. We play with various simple techniques to allow our bodies to feel calm and soothed by our practice. Encouraging breath and visualisation, to sit with our thoughts and feelings, acknowledge and accept them and let them float away with the clouds. Breathe away anything that no longer serves us in a positive way.

Summary of some of the Benefits of Earth toes yoga:

The classes bring a wide range of benefits for overall well-being, including:

Increases confidence and self-esteem

Children are encouraged to express their emotions and celebrate their individuality, allowing them to feel confident about whom they are.

Fully inclusive and non-competitive

All abilities can fully participate and enjoy the class from a non-competitive approach. Regardless of religious background yoga welcomes and can be enjoyed by all.

Improves focus and concentration

Through a variety of breathing techniques, visualisations and postures, children can learn how to de-clutter, calm their mind and focus their energy.

Develops healthy mind and body

The exercises in an Earth toes yoga class help to improve physical strength, muscle tone, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, Improves lung capacity and brings an overall balance to the body's internal systems i.e. endocrine. Yoga can complement other physical activities and sports such as football, swimming and dance. Yoga techniques can be remedial to all sorts of physical and emotional symptoms such as anger, stress, anxiety, asthma, digestive issues, sleep problems etc.