Children's Yoga Southampton

What people say about Earth toes yoga

I have enjoyed working with Beverley over the years. Beverley has assisted me with the running of The Holiday Activity weeks over Easter and summer at Charlton House School. She also came in to teach yoga sessions to the children. This involved her being responsible for organising the yoga classes and assisting with the holiday activities of small and large groups of children, with a varied ability and age range. The children have always enjoyed Beverley's yoga sessions and often ask 'are we doing yoga today?' The children come out of Beverley's yoga either energised or calm!
Marife Sanders, Charlton House School

Thank you for the efforts you have put into the children. I definitely think they have taken a certain inner calmness and respect for each other and themselves out of your yoga lessons.
Jolanda Xx mother of Cyan 5 & Merlyn 4

Beverley has been teaching yoga at the small school where I work in the New Forest for over a year now and I couldn't commend her more highly! She cares deeply about what she does and this comes through in her passion for her teaching and her deep commitment to the children she works with. She is as equally at home with very young children as she is with teenagers, always finding the right level through which each individual child can explore their fullest potential. She is experienced and dedicated as a teacher, and manages to push the children forward in their yoga development whilst also keeping the classes friendly, gentle and fun! However what really stands out for me about Beverley isn't just her teaching, it's the genuine love and care that she feels for each individual child and her commitment to do the best for each of them.
Alex James, Teacher at the New Forest Small School in Lyndhurst

It makes me feel peaceful. I like it when we put lavender bags on our eyes. Sometimes I nearly fall asleep!
Caspar age 5

I have noticed Joe's balance and he often goes into a tree when 'showing off!' and singing lines from Kung-Fu Panda!! And Ella says she loves it.
Alice mother of Joe age 3 & Ella age 12

James and Ellis have both enjoyed yoga and I feel have gained lots from it, they like to show off their postures when at home. Could you let me know if you have any plans to teach at the juniors or at the Nursery? Many Thanks you have been a great teacher.
Liz mother of James 5 & Ellis 6

Megan's confidence has improved dramatically since she has been attending yoga classes. We have also found her concentration has improved. Thank you very much.
Lisa mother of Megan 6

My 5 year old son had a series of regular yoga session with Beverley. He looked forward to the classes every week and would come home and practice the asanas he had learnt. He loved the classes as they were full of gentle inspiration, enchanting imagination and a fun journey for his body, mind and spirit. Azuolis also enjoyed the environment created with the prayer bells which resonated strongly in his memory.
Jo Smith mother of Azuolis 5

Bev has a delightful, bright and caring approach to working with children who I'm sure will be left smiling and inspired by her sessions.
Richard Parker founder of Active Arts Community Southampton

Charlotte has thoroughly enjoyed her yoga classes and looks forward to them each week. She is 'chilled' after coming to the class. Yoga, coupled with Mother Nature is turning her from a 'meaty' child into a slender girl who is much more aware of what her body can do. Charlotte's feedback is that she loves Beverley and will miss the weekly sessions when she goes to juniors. Our son starts reception in September and already asking if he can join yoga! Thank you from all of us.
Emma mother of Charlotte 6

It is great to have Beverley teaching yoga at our small school. She is a very kind and patient teacher. Parents are always pleased to see their children doing the postures and relaxation. I have no doubt yoga benefits the children on many levels, enhancing their growth and development.
Alison Alp Head teacher New forest Small school, Lyndhurst